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Information Governance

What is Information Governance (IG)

Information governance ensures necessary safeguards for, and the appropriate use of, patient, personal and business sensitive information. Information governance sits alongside clinical governance, research governance and corporate governance and it provides a framework to bring together all of the requirements, standards and best practice that apply to the handling of information.

It also provides a consistent way for staff to deal with the many different information handling requirements - including:

  • Information governance management
  • Confidentiality and data protection assurance
  • Information security assurance
  • Clinical information assurance
  • Corporate information assurance

All staff are required to learn about information governance to help ensure that they follow the best practice guidelines on information handling to enable them to manage information for the benefit of the patient or client. Patients and clients will know that their information will not be disclosed or used inappropriately.

High quality specialist support and assistance

To ensure organisational compliance with the department of Health's Information Governance Toolkit, including the development and implementation of policy, procedure and guidance materials.

Assurance that your organisation is meeting its requirements under the following legislation and guidance

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000
  • Associated publication schemes and Environmental Information Regulations 2004
  • Caldicott Guidelines
  • Information Sharing Protocols and Information Sharing Agreements
  • Specialist advice and support regarding the legislative framework risk and incident management, including investigation and formal reporting
  • Creation and delivery of induction, mandatory and bespoke staff training and awareness sessions
  • Advice and practical support to ensure the security of your information sharing protocols and agreements
  • Support developing policies and procedures that cover a variety of legislation and guidelines
  • Compliance with industry standards in i.t security, anti-virus assurance, internet filtering and reporting etc
  • Liaison and advice on any matter that involves the information commissioner’s office

Key Information

Why do we need an information Sharing Protocol?

Why do we need an information Sharing Protocol?

There are times when we need to share information with others which is not a problem if:

  • You are sharing with another NHS professional for direct health care services
  • The patient would not be surprised if you do share the information

However, if you need to share information outside of the NHS you will need to contact the IG team for advice and help. We have an Inter -Agency Information Sharing Protocol that many local non NHS organisations have signed up to and individual information sharing agreements can be set up under this to allow the sharing of information where it is legal and correct to do so.

Final decisions on whether to share information with other organisations can only be made by the Trusts Caldicott Guardian so in the first instance, contact the IG team for advice.

We are being encouraged to share more freely to support the new Health and Social Care agenda, however we must always ensure that we are complying with the law when we do!

Information Sharing Agreements help us to:

  • Work together effectively allowing agencies to be able to share information safely and securely
  • Share information to ensure that patients can and do receive the care, protection and support they may require.
  • Promote and establish a consistent approach between the agencies to the development and implementation of information sharing agreements and procedures.

Click here to view the Information Sharing protocol

Click here to view the Information Commissioners Data Sharing Checklists and the Data Sharing Code of Practice

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